A Child Against All Odds

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Januar 2008



In vitro fertilisation has become big business. Drawing on personal and professional experience, this title offers an account of modern reproductive technology from a practitioner who has spent his professional life at the forefront of this most fascinating and emotive area of science.


Robert Winston is one of the country's best-known scientists. As Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College, London, and an active researcher in reproductive physiology, he has made advances in fertility medicine and is a leading voice in the debate on embryo research and genetic engineering. His television series, including Your Life in Their Hands, Making Babies, The Human Body, Child of Our Time, Human Instinct, Human Mind and The Story of God, have made him a household name across Britain. He became a life peer in 1995.


"Erudite and accessible, powerful and humane." Independent on Sunday "The awesome history of reproductive medicine from myth to the latest breakthroughs ... magisterial in its unfolding of the science for a lay audience" Sunday Telegraph
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