The Big Killing: A Bruce Medway Mystery

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November 2003



In this second novel of the Bruce Medway series, our hero, a go-between and "fixer" for traders in steamy West Africa, smells trouble when a porn merchant asks him to deliver a video at a secret location. Things look up, though, when he's hired to act as minder to Ron Collins, a spoiled playboy looking for diamonds in the Ivory Coast. Medway thinks this could be the answer to his cashflow crisis. But when the video delivery leads to a shootout and the discovery of a mutilated body, he wants out. Obligations keep Medway fixed in the Ivory Coast and he is soon caught up in a terrifying cycle of violence. Unless he can get to the bottom of the mystery, Medway knows that for the savage killer out there in the African night, he is the next target.


Robert Wilson, 1957 in England geboren, studierte an der Universität von Oxford. Er lebt abwechselnd in England, Spanien und Portugal. Für seine Thriller erhielt er bereits zahlreiche Preise.
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