Andrew Jackson: The Course of American Empire, 1767-1821

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Available in paperback for the first time, these three volumes represent the definitive biography of Andrew Jackson. Volume One covers the role Jackson played in America's territorial expansion, bringing to life a complex character who has often been seen simply as a rough-hewn country general. Volume Two traces Jackson's senatorial career, his presidential campaigns, and his first administration as President. The third volume covers Jackson's reelection to the presidency and the weighty issues with which he was faced: the nullification crisis, the tragic removal of the Indians beyond the Mississippi River, the mounting violence throughout the country over slavery, and the tortuous efforts to win the annexation of Texas.


Robert V. Remini is professor emeritus of history and the humanities at the Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago. The New York Times has called him "the foremost Jacksonian scholar of our time."He is the author of many books, Including biographies of Daniel Webster and Henry Clay.


"Jackson's significance in American political and social history is enormous. His larger-than-life personality and equally heroic convictions and prejudices changed the Presidency and the character of American political parties... [Remini] has produced a wonderful portrait, rich in detail, of a fascinating and important man and an authoritative... account of his role in American history. -- John A. Garraty New York Times Book Review. "If courage is required in a biographer of Andrew Jackson, there is, at least, no shortage of literary battles where that bravery can by displayed. Professor Remini deserves his campaign medals. -- Peter Marshall Times Literary Supplement "Jackson never wrote his autobiography, and the art of campaign biography developed after his retirement. Yet one comes away with the feeling that here is how Jackson saw himself, might have set forth his own case, and wish to be remembered. -- Joel H. Silbey American Historical Review "Remini's real strengths are descriptive... Evocative incident and quotation convey the Jacksonians' conviction that they were engaged in a fundamental struggle. -- Charles Sellers Journal of American History
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