Around Quitting Time: Work and Middle-Class Fantasy in American Fiction

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Juni 2001



Posits social class as the American political unconscious, showing (in an analysis of 19th and 20th century novels) how class exerts pressure on the American cultural imagination, and claiming that what is desired is ultimately the liberation from work.


Introduction - class, middle class, and the modalities of labour; the burden of toil - Sister Carrie as urban pastoral; Willa Cather and the ambivalence of hierarchy; new frontiers in Hollywood - mobility and desire in "The Day of the Locust"; into the fifties - fiction in an age of consensus; postscript - time, agency, and the middle-class form in the era of global Fordism.


Robert Seguin is Visiting Assistant Professor of English at the State University of New York at Brockport.


"Rob Seguin's Around Quitting Time makes a major contribution to discussions of class formation in the United States. His original readings of novels by Dreiser, Cather, West, and Barth brilliantly pursue the ghostly tracks of social and cultural change as they are rendered in fine narrative and linguistic detail within the domain of the literary. His mode of reading is as significant as his argument about the "classlessness" of the middle class. Indeed, Seguin demonstrates in exemplary fashion that it is possible to attend to literature as a social and political force without neglecting the specificity of its aesthetic work."- Jan Radway, Duke University "A remarkably positive achievement that contributes significantly to an understanding of quite a range of texts, to an understanding of specific currents of literary modernism, and most generally to an understanding of class, which-in a U.S. context especially-remains that most vexed of social categories."- Evan Watkins, Pennsylvania State University
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