Shakespeare's Rome

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Juni 2004



This book studies Shakespeare's changing vision of Rome in the six works where the city serves as a setting. Unlike other scholars treatment, the subject Dr Miola offers a coherent analysis of all the major appearances of Rome in the Shakespeare canon. Shakespeare's recurrent and varied treatment of Rome suggests that a close examination of the city's transformations can teach us much about his development as a playwright and the development of his dramatic vision. The book focuses on Shakespeare's changing conception of the Roman city, its people, and its ideals. Dr Miola examines the symbolic and topographical features that help define the city.


Acknowledgments; Notes on sources; 1. The roads to Rome; 2. The Rape of Lucrece: Rome and Romans; 3. Titus Andronicus: Rome and the family; 4. Julius Caesar: Rome divided; 5. Antony and Cleopatra: Rome and the world; 6. Coriolanus: Rome and the self; 7. Cymbeline: beyond Rome; 8. Conclusion; Index.
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