The Art and Science of Optical Design

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Lenses are used in a great variety of applications, ranging from photography to fiberoptic communications systems. This book is a comprehensive introduction to lens design, covering the fundamental physical principles and key engineering issues.


1. Introduction - the art and science of optical design; 2. Basic optics for design; 3. Aberrations; 4. Image analysis; 5. Design optimization; 6. Tolerance analysis; 7. Design examples; 8. Summary and conclusions.


' ... best suits the student who has chosen to study the subject or the practising designer as a reference to 'brush up' on some points ... the book is a welcome addition.' Dr Nick Ellis, The Industrial Laser User 'Shannon's book is enriched as a result of his experiences as an optical designer, and through his natural talents as a teacher and mentor. It is an excellent work for the student in optical design and engineering, being simultaneously academic and worldly in its approach. Well produced with cleat text and illustrations in this paperback format, this book is considered fair value for money.' Charles F. W. Harmer, The Observatory 'Shannon has done an excellent job by fulfilling a long felt need in this field. He has shared a lifetime of his experience in optical design engineering - the story is worth sharing and worth reading. I recommend this book to anyone engaged or interested in optical design.' L. N. Hazra, Journal of Optics 'The book was a pleasure to read ... accessible, informative, and entertaining. In conclusion, The Art and Science of Optical Design is a welcome addition to the genre of geometrical optics since it addresses the advanced topic of lens desgin. Its largest audience will be newcomers to the field, but it will benefit engineers as a reference text.' John Koshel, Optics and Photonics News 'In covering all aspects of optical design, from fundamental physical principles through to the use of modern lens design sofltware, this book will be invaluable to students of optical engineeering as well as to anyone engaged in optical design.' L. L. Wang, Optic 'In writing this book, Professor Shannon has conveyed not only a wealth of technical information, but also many insights, very evidently gained from practical experience ... thoroughly recommended.' Grant H. Thomson, The Imaging Science Journal 'Whether used as a textbook for students or a reference book for optical engineers, the scope and relevance of the contents are such that many readers would come back to it again and again.' Davood Heshmaty, Contemporary Physics
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