Leading from Within: Martial Arts Skills for Dynamic Business and Management

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Juli 1999



A leading consultant shows how to maintain inner calm, influence others by controlling oneself, develop intuitive judgment, sustain concentration on goals, react quickly to change, and turn minimum effort into maximum gains by using martial arts concepts in business and management.


Robert Pater is Director of an international management and safety consulting firm, which applies principles from martial arts to simultaneously heighten effective behaviors, boost personal motivation and control and ignite organizational culture. They have trained instructors, managers and staff leadership in over 63 countries worldwide. Robert has presented at many international, national, statewide, and corporate safety conferences. Clients include: Alcoa, American Airlines, Amtrak, Anheuser-Busch, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, BP Burlington Northern Railroad, Conoco, International Paper, James River Corp, Johnson and Johnson, Kodak, LTV Steel, Nabisco, Panama Canal Commission, SeaWorld, United Airlines, United Parcel Service, Virginia Power and many others. Robert has an MA in Industrial Psychology. He has written articles published in numerous journals such as: Nation's Business, Amtrak Express, Executive Female, Professional Safety, Occupational Safety and Health, HR Magazine, Training and more. He has trained continuously in the martial arts of aikijujitsu, hapkido, and wing chun kung fu since 1972 and has been a black-belt instructor for many years.
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