Shared Responsibility: Families and Social Policy

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Dezember 1986



One of the fundamental issues confronting those who create, analyze, or work within the framework of modern American social welfare policy is the relationship of the family and the state in the delivery of social care through social services. Dr. Moroney develops the idea of the family as both recipient and dispenser of social services. Simply and effectively he "paints the landscape" with respect to American families. He focuses on two special cases: families with frail elderly and families with severely mentally handicapped children. The notion of shared responsibility between the family and state, the nature of social welfare response through government programs and the professional response of social workers to families in need, and some of the dilemmas inherent in formulating family policy in a multicultural, pluralistic society are examined.


"Describing himself as a policy analyst, Moroney addresses the relationship between the family and society in the delivery of social services to dependent members... Written for those interested in social policy issues or those charged with creating and evaluating social policy, this book draws together issues from family studies, social welfare, and political policy. An extensive bibliography is included at the end... Moroney calls for professional reorientation in order to carry out both curative and supportive functions." --Family Relations .". . a very impressive piece of work. It tackles an issue that has been very central to the development of social welfare in this country and one that continues to cross-cut policy debate in many areas of the social services. The monograph represents not only good policy analysis (in the sense of informing decision makers about alternative courses of action and their consequences), but good scholarship as well. The author's use of the literature and of secondary data sources to describe the relationship between public provision and family care giving is in the best tradition of this kind of policy research, and I think, provides a methodological model for how such analyses might be conducted." --Rino Patti, University of Washington, Seattle
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