Behind the Mexican Mountains

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Dezember 2001



Offers a description of the landscape, people, traditions, language, and archaeology of the Tarahumara region.


Railroads, Revolutions, and Schoolteachers; Mexicans, Mines, and American Capitalists; Personalities Emerge from Wooden Indians; Tarahumara Men and Women at Home and at Work; Tarahumara Children and Adults at Play; Curing, Races, and Death Customs among the Tarahumaras; More Drinking Bouts in the Celebrations of "Catholic" Christmas; Officials, Government, and Politics among the Tarahumaras; Liquor, Guns, and Religion in the Mexican Picture; The Mexican Powers: Religious, Civil, and Military; Ready-Made Archaeology, Trips, and Talks; Ancient and Modern Cave-Dwellers in the Gorges; The Catholic Mission; Spring, Holy Week, and Archaeology; Pagan Ceremonies and Peyote; The "Genuine" and "Spurious" Values of Tarahumara Culture; The Philistine Spirit of Tarahumara Culture; Adios Tarahumaras and Campfire Stories of Villa; Miners, Mennonites, Militarism, and the Spirit of Mexico


"This is one of the more fascinating travel works I have read on Mexico, and I have read many. It provides an important addition to the scanty literature on the Tarahumara and enriches the material available on this important group. I would also think this book would be fascinating to the general reader." Joseph W. Whitecotton, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma
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