Deadly Farce: Harvey Matusow and the Informer System in the McCarthy Era

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März 2008



A history of one the McCarthy Era's most infamous witnesses--and his sensational recantation that changed the system


Robert M. Lichtman, a Washington lawyer for nearly thirty years, has practiced in San Francisco since 1986. Ronald D. Cohen is a professor emeritus of history at Indiana University Northwest and is a past president of the Historians of American Communism.


"A brilliantly told story of a most unique informer, the figure with the conscience to repudiate his own charges, face down the institutional inquisition now directed toward himself, and try to make up for sins during the rest of his life... The larger scope of this story is the institutional operation of the domestic Cold War, something with more relevance today than at any time during the last 30 years or so... The authors make the point that the Justice Department was behind it all, more sinister than J. Edgar Hoover's operation because its officials made the key decisions to indict and imprison." Paul Buhle, Left History "A judicious and nonjudgmental account of one of the now-forgotten celebrities of the era... Matusow is sometimes mocked as an attentionseeker, but in Lichtman and Cohen's account he emerges as a complex figure, elusive and more symptomatic of the pressure-cooker times than the Washington high-flyers." The Nation "Lichtman and Cohen's devastating documentation of the activities of government officials and prominent anti-communists refocuses our understanding of the McCarthy Era as a period where the principal concern was not to advance legitimate national security concerns but to promote a political climate hostile to radicalism, labor activism, and dissent." Journal of American History
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