They Always Said I Would Marry a White Girl: Coming to Grips with Race in America

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April 2007



Robert Moore, whose African American identity today may be questioned by some because of his very light skin color, grew up in an all-white suburb of Philadelphia in the 1960s when the push to assimilate was blatant. An examination of the life experiences of people sometimes felt to be at the perimeter, serves to point out that the racial categories of White and Black in America remain strong and impenetrable. The book spans nearly fifty years beginning in the author's youth to a contemporary period when he is a sociology teacher in a university classroom.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Preface Chapter 3 Assimilation Chapter 4 Invisibility Part 5 II: A Sense of Difference Chapter 6 Feelings of Discomfort Chapter 7 Different Generations Chapter 8 "Where did all the hippies go?" Part 9 III: Social Systems, Identity, and Interaction Chapter 10 Situational Contexts Chapter 11 Dating: African Americans and Whites Chapter 12 Race and Women Chapter 13 Coming to Grips with Race in America Part 14 Endnotes Part 15 References Part 16 About the Author Part 17 Index


Robert Moore III is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Frostburg State University in Maryland. He is a past recipient of faculty achievement awards for teaching and service and was recently nominated for a State of Maryland Higher Education Regents' Teaching Award. He is a past president of the Pennsylvania Sociological Society and former chair of the Committee for Race and Ethnic Minorities, Southern Sociological Society. Professor Moore has edited several books including: African Americans and Whites: Changing Relationships on College Campuses; The Quality and Quantity of Contact: African Americans and Whites on College Campuses; and The Hidden America: Social Problems in Rural America for the Twenty-first Century.
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