Elders Living Alone: Frailty and the Perception of Choice

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What is it like to be old, have many health problems, and live alone? This book enters the lives of frail elders who live alone and vividly conveys their continuing struggle to maintain their independence. Many look to their homes as the important facilitating element for that independence; the home environment and personal space are often the most significant elements for elders living alone.


"This book summarizes data from in-depth, open-ended interviews conducted on 52 frail and functionally impaired older persons living in the Philadelphia area. Informants were interviewed in their own homes, in three sessions each lasting a minimum of six hours. The authors, two anthropologists and a psychologist, focus on environmental factors that affect older peoples' independence and ability to live alone. Specifically, they examined how concepts of freedom of choice and desire for independence are actually realized in the daily lives of at-risk older persons... Recommended for gerontology programs." --L. A. Baumhover, Choice "Elders Living Alone is a study of elderly people, mainly debilitated, living alone in Philadelphia... [It[ provides a caveat against using one's own value screen to judge the personal satisfaction provided by apparently marginal living conditions. It vividly demonstrates the pathological intensification of the American value of independence in the case of the frail elderly. In so doing, the book serves as an indictment against key values in bourgeois culture." --Andrea Sankar, American Anthropologist
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