Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost Towns

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Januar 1963



The Oregon Desert is a wild, rough region that does things to people who try to change it. It is like "The anvil that wears the hammer out." Wild horses run through this book. All of the desert animals shyly peek out from its pages. Desert towns spring to life before your eyes and swiftly decay. Stories of life on the desert are told with deep subtle humor, wisdom, and charm, producing a delightful book.


Robert L. Brown was a teacher of Western and Colorado history in the Denver School System for thirty-three years and later at the Denver Center of the University of Colorado. He has published a number of guide books focusing on Colorado history including "Colorado On Foot" (1991")" and "Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies (1968), "both published by Caxton Press.


"For those who wish to explore the many ghost towns of beautiful Colorado, there is an excellent book that provides all of the above. Jeep Trails To Colorado Ghost Towns by Robert L. Brown is an excellent guide to many of the old ghost towns and mining areas which once dominated a portion of Colorado. In this guide, one finds helpful descriptions, histories, and photographs. I used Brown's book on a recent exploratory trip into the Colorado Rockies and, on arriving at each and every site I selected to visit, I felt I knew it intimately as a result of studying this guide." - Treasure Facts
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