Colorado Ghost Towns: Past and Present

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Juli 1972



Including text and photographs, the author has captured the sense of the historic as well as the nostalgic of a fresh selection of ghost towns and mining camps that dot the back country byways and high mountain valleys of Colorado.


Robert L. Brown was a teacher of Western and Colorado history in the Denver School System for thirty-three years and later at the Denver Center of the University of Colorado. He has published a number of guide books focusing on Colorado history including "Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost towns (1963)" and "Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies (1968), "both published by Caxton Press.


"Brown's stock-in-trade is the then-and-now picture, and his Jeeping enthusiasts won't be disappointed in this collection of photographs. He has spent hours studying locations to get exactly the right angle to reproduce a spot taken perhaps 100 years earlier." - Sandra Dallas, Denver Post
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