Gay Fathers: Encouraging the Hearts of Gay Dads and Their Families

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Explores a group caught betwen the homosexual and heterosexual worlds
This greatly expanded edition of Gay Fathers contains a wealth of new real-life stories and up-to-date information that celebrates the power of gay fatherhood. Inspiring, definitive, scientifically researched, and experientially based, this thoroughly updated volume offers the most current data and concrete suggestions for dealing with the myriad and complex issues of gay parenting. Gay Fathers is the definitive resource for the more than one million gay fathers and their families and loved ones living in the United States and Canada.


Preface. Introduction and Overview. Gay Fathers: Myths and Realities. The Many Faces of Gay Fatherhood. Children of Gay Fathers. Gay Male Relationships, Spiritual Issues, and Gay Grandfathers. Parents and Wives of Gay Fathers. Problems in Studying Gay Fathers. Appendix. References. The Authors. Index.


ROBERT L. BARRET, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice, is professor of counselor education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. BRYAN E. ROBINSON, Ph.D., is professor of child and family development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a counselor in private practice.


"For gay men who have struggled to create a family in a world of bias and obstacles, this book is a wonderful tribute to the challenges and joys of parenting. Gay Fathers is a wonderful, honest tribute to fathers who have overcome all odds to make this world a better place for our children, an essential book for gay fathers and those who are considering parenthood." (C. Ray Drew, executive director, Family Pride Coalition)"Gay Fathers, which was a wonderful contribution to the development of knowledge about gay men when it was first printed a decade ago, is even better in its new and revised form. Utilizing rich case examples, Bob Barret and Bryan Robinson give voice to a group that has for too long been ignored. In their examination of the many faces of gay fatherhood, the authors permit the reader to fully consider the complexity of what it means to be a gay father." (Gerald P. Mallon, assistant professor, Hunter College School of Social Work, New York)
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