Rethinking Religious Education and Plurality: Issues in Diversity and Pedagogy

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April 2004



This book offers a critical view of approaches to the treatment of different religions in contemporary education, in order to devise approaches to teaching, and learning and to formulate policies and procedures that are fair and just to all.


1. Introduction: Religious Education in the Context of Plurality 2. Religious and Cultural Heritage 3. State Funding for Religious Schools? 4. A Postmodernist Approach to Religious Education 5. Religious Education as Religious Literacy 6. Interpretive Approaches to Religious Education 7. Dialogical Approaches to Religious Education 8. Religious Education's Contribution to intercultural Education, Citizenship Education and Values Education 9. The Relevance of Research to Religious Education 10. Towards a Pluralistic Religious Education


Robert Jackson is Professor at the University of Warwick's Institute of Education.


'This powerful book clearly fulfils the promise of its title. It offers a highly interesting, succinct and well-written analysis of the question how religious education should respond to the challenges of social, cultural, and religious plurality in the UK but also, to some degree, in other countries. ' - Professor Friedrich Schweitzer, University of T bingen, Germany
'The book is an excellent review of Religious Education in Britian and should be read by RE teachers and those involved in RE policy. It is accessible and concise and is priced very reasonable price given its scope . It should be a core text for students in initial teacher training.' - R. A. Bowie, Senior Lecturer in Religious Education, Canterbury Christ Church University College, UK 'This is a rich and readable book which sustains a debate about complex and politically sensitive issues. It will provide students and teachers with a clear and critical overview of the contributions and constraints of diverse pedagogies to Religious Education and stimulate discussion about social pluralism.' - Lynne Broadbent, British Journal of Educational Studies 'This is an innovative and inspirational contribution which gets to the heart of the issues and focuses on the most important question, 'how shall we respond to plurality?'...I can only commend this book as one of the most important discussions of religious education of recent times.' - Journal of Education and Christian Belief
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