Metaphors of Mind: Conceptions of the Nature of Intelligence

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April 2003



It seeks to help readers understand human intelligence as viewed from a variety of standpoints.


Preface; List of tables; Part I. Introduction: 1. Metaphors as foundations for theories of intelligence; Part II. Definitions of Intelligence: 2. Historical views of intelligence; 3. Contemporary views of intelligence; 4. The seminal views of Galton and Binet; Part III. Theories of Intelligence Looking Inward: 5. The geographic metaphor; 6. The computational metaphor; 7. The biological metaphor; 8. The epistemological metaphor; Part IV. Theories of Intelligence Looking Outward: 9 The anthropological metaphor; 10. The sociological metaphor; Part V. Theories of Intelligence Looking Inward and Outward: 11. The systems metaphor; 12. Implications of the metaphorical approach.


"Explores metaphors that have been used to illustrate the different theories of intelligence, discussing how these metaphors--and the theories they reflect--relate to one another." Science News "Sternberg's is an interesting and important book, and like most of Sternberg's writings it is clear, well-referenced, and suggestive." H. J. Eysenck, Personality Individual Differences "The book is an entertaining and argumentative one for the individual already conversant with the literature." American Scientist "...provides an integrative framework for comparing one theory to another. This is an important and original contribution...a major intellectual contribution to the field. I shall use it in my own research and teaching, and I urge others to do the same." Earl Hunt, Contemporary Psychology
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