Helping the Noncompliant Child

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September 2005



This popular treatment manual presents an empirically validated program for teaching parents to manage noncompliance in 3- to 8-year-olds. Practitioners are provided with step-by-step guidelines for child and family assessment, detailed descriptions of parent training procedures, effective adjunctive treatment strategies, and complete protocols for conducting and evaluating the program. Nationally recognized as a best practice for treating conduct problems, the program is supported by a substantial body of treatment research.


Child Compliance and Noncompliance. Parent Training. Overview of the "Helping the Noncompliant Child" (HNC) Parent Training Program. Assessment Methods and Procedures. The Feedback Session and Sample Program Outline. Phase I: The Skills of Differential Attention. Phase II: The Skills of Compliance Training. Adjunctive Interventions. Wells, Adaptations for Specific Populations. Review of Treatment Research and Current Directions. Appendix A: Parent's Consumer Satisfaction Questionnaire. Appendix B: Parent Handouts and Record Sheets. Appendix C: Social Learning Criterion Tests and Scoring Keys. Appendix D: Mealtime Brochure.


Robert J. McMahon, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is also a member of the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group and Principal Investigator at the Seattle site of the Fast Track Project, an NIMH-funded multisite, longitudinal investigation of the prevention of early-starting conduct problems in high-risk children. Dr. McMahon has coedited a number of books and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. Rex L. Forehand, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Vermont and Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia. He is also Principal Investigator of a CDC-funded parenting project. Dr. Forehand's publications include two coauthored parenting guides. He is a member of 10 editorial boards.


'This exceptional second edition by two of the leading experts in the field provides both clinicians and researchers with a rich array of information. Like its predecessor, this book is solidly grounded in the scientific research on childhood oppositional behavior and parent/family training approaches. Practitioners will find a wealth of detailed advice on how to work with parents on improving relations with their children while reducing family conflict. Clinical scientists will likewise appreciate the vast amount of research summarized on the nature of defiant and aggressive behavior, the role of parent-child interactions and family context in its generation and maintenance, and the efficacy of parent training in behavior management skills for its reduction if not elimination. Anyone interested in empirically based parent training for the management of difficult children will find this book 'must' reading for staying abreast of the state of the art.' - Russell A. Barkley, PhD, College of Health Professions, Medical University of South Carolina, USA 'This compelling second edition exemplifies how developmental and outcome data can and should be used to inform the continuous refinement of a powerful intervention. A pleasure to read, the volume is grounded in 20 years of meticulous research. The rationale for each clinical technique is detailed, precise steps are outlined for implementation, and useful case examples are provided. Each page provides further evidence that these authors know what they are doing and can serve as most effective guides for novice practitioners, students, and researchers. One of the best books on family interventions that I have read.' - John B. Reid, PhD, Oregon Social Learning Center, USA
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