Living Well with Epilepsy

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"Living Well with Epilepsy" is designed to help both health care professionals and patients to understand all aspects of diagnosis, and of pharmacologic and surgical management; to enable patients to participate more knowledgeably in interactions with their health care team; and to help steer them toward a more normal, fulfilling life. This new and important book is an invaluable addition to the library of every physician and health care professional whose practice involves the care of patients with epilepsy.


Living Successfully with Epilepsy; Tony's Story; Kristen's Story; Understanding Epilepsy; Myths About Epilepsy; The Holistic Approach to Epilepsy Treatment; Finding Your Way to High Quality Care; How to Be an Effective Member of Your Health Care Team; A Correct Diagnosis Is Essential; Beginning Treatment: The Role of Antiepileptic Medicines; First Aid for Seizures; Treatment: The Important Things That You Can Do; Too Many Seizures and Too Many Side Effects - The Role of Specialized Epilepsy Centers; Nonepileptic Events; Surgical Options; Is It Time to Change Doctors?; Helping Someone Live Well with Epilepsy; Are Seizures Really the Problem?; The Successful Young Adult with Epilepsy; Sexuality, Sex, and Birth Control; Pregnancy, Menstruation, and Menopause; Epilepsy in the Later Years of Life; Epilepsy and Work; Driving and Epilepsy; Epilepsy and Traveling; Spirituality, Religion, Imaging, and Meditation; Health Insurance and Health Care Reform: What It Is and What It Is Not; Protecting Your Legal Rights; Where to Turn When You Need Help; Keeping Hope Alive Through Research; Joining Together to Help Each Other.


Dr. Robert Gumnit is the director of MINCEP Epilepsy Care. Dr. Gumnit is also the author of Your Child and Epilepsy.
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