Productivity Growth, Inflation, and Unemployment: The Collected Essays of Robert J. Gordon

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April 2010



This book offers sharply etched views on the principal topics of macroeconomics.


Part I. The History, Theory, and Measurement of Productivity Growth: Introduction; 1. Does the new economy measure up to the great inventions of the past?; 2. Interpreting the 'one big wave' in US long-term productivity growth; 3. The disappearance of productivity change; 4. The concept of capital; 5. Is there a tradeoff between unemployment and productivity growth?; 6. Forward into the past: productivity retrogression in the electric generating industry; Part II. Interpreting Productivity Fluctuations over the Business cycle: Introduction; 7. Fresh water, salt water, and other macroeconomic elixirs; 8. Are procylical productivity fluctuations a figment of measurement error?; 9. The jobless recovery: does it signal a new era of productivity-led growth?; Part III. The Theory of Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff: Introduction; 10. Alternative responses of policy to external supply shocks; 11. Supply shocks and monetary policy revisited; 12. The theory of domestic inflation; 13. The Phillips Curve now and then; Part IV. Empirical Studies of Inflation Dynamics in the United States: Introduction; 14. Can the inflation of the 1970s be explained?; 15. The output cost of disinflation in traditional and vector autoregressive models; 16. German and American wage and price dynamics: differences and common themes; 17. Foundations of the Goldilocks economy: supply shocks and the time-varying NAIRU.


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