Entrepreneurial Educator

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November 2000



Demands for vouchers, charter schools, the growth of home schooling and the rebirth of private education are creating increased competition for public schools. This primer and toolkit for the educators of tomorrow offers skill development ideas, specific ideas, examples, and questions that will guide school leaders as they compete in the new educational marketplace.


Part 1 The New Realities of Educational Leadership Chapter 2 How We Got Here Chapter 3 The Role of Entrepreneurship in Education Chapter 4 The Traditional versus the Entrepreneurial Educational Organization Chapter 5 Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture Chapter 6 The Educational Entrepreneur Chapter 7 Planning and Implementation of the Entrepreneurial Community Part 8 Tools and Tactics Chapter 9 Marketing Chapter 10 Telling Your Story: Perception Is Reality Chapter 11 Creating Educational Opportunities through Partnerships Chapter 12 Seeking and Securing Grants Chapter 13 Local Money Sources Chapter 14 Use of Intellectual Properties


Robert J. Brown is Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jeffrey R. Cornwall holds the Sandra Schultz Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas.


As a second-year principal, The Entrepreneurial Educator is an invaluable book...This book offers many ideas, practices, and strategies to become a successful administrator. In my opinion, it should be required reading in any college administration program. My copy of...will be kept in my office and used extensively in my tenure as an elementary principal. -- Jim Richie, elementary principal in Cumberland, Wisconsin ...a critically important text that should be on the shelf of every principal and superintendent of schools...speaks brilliantly and eloquently to the need for creative excellent one for teams of administrators to read together... -- Dr. Steve Permuth, University of South Florida, Department of Leadership Development
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