Against Leviathan: Government Power and a Free Society

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August 2004



An unflinching critical analysis of government is contained in this work, which distills complex economic and political issues for the layperson. Combining an economist's analytical scrutiny with an historian's respect for empirical evidence, the book attacks the data on which governments base their economic management and their responses to an ongoing stream of crises. Among the topics discussed are domestic economic busts, foreign wars, welfare programs such as social security, the arts of political leadership, the intrusive efforts of governments to protect people from themselves, and the mismanagement of the economy. Though focused on U.S. government actions, the book also makes revealing comparisons with similar government actions abroad and in China, Japan, and Western Europe. This book furthers the disscussions in Higg's bestseller "Crisis and Leviathan.


"Defenders of liberty need look no further for intellectual ammunition. This hard-hitting book exposes the multitude of ways the growth of the welfare-warfare state threatens our freedom and prosperity. Higgs exposes the fallacies and lies used by politicians and statist intellectuals to justify big government and explains how politicians and bureaucrats use wars and other 'emergencies' to expand their power and violate our rights." -- Ron Paul, US Congressman. "Provides a strong antidote for claims that the government is competent, protective and just. With forensic flair and lucidity, Higgs demonstrates why these received ideas are bunk and why he is a master of swimming against the tide." -- Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics, John Hopkins University. "
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