Religion & Radical Politics

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Januar 1995



Explores the history of American left-wing Christians who discovered the convergence between radical politics and Christian faith. This book examines the histories of individuals, movements, and organizations that encompass more than a century of American history, and discusses the role of religious activism in movements of social transformation.


Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Nineteenth-Century Labor Radicalism: The Christian Labor Union and the Knights of Labor 2. Religion, Women, and Politics: Feminism, Class, and Labor 3. The Fractured Vision of Christians and Socialists: The Realities of Class and the Invisibility of Race 4. Radical Politics and Southern Prophets: The Struggle for Racial Equality 5. The Great Evasion: Religion, Marxism, and the Politics of Nonviolence Conclusion Notes Index


Robert H. Craig is Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Mount Union College, Ohio.


"This meticulously researched study...discusses a varied array of movements, organizations, and activists, many largely unstudied, who sought to aid the poor and oppressed through Christian social action...[This] thoughtful, lucid book will engage not only historians but also theologians, ethicists, political scientists, sociologists, indeed anyone interested in the convergence of religion and politics in the United States." --Journal of American History "Religion and Radical Politics is a helpful analysis of several chapters in American a religious history...built around a series of biographical sketches that explore the lives of people such as Terence Powederly, Frances Willard, Mother Jones, George Washington Woodbey, Claude Williams, Howard Kester, Harry F. Ward, A.J. Juste, and Dorothy Day. ...[It] is a remarkably strong book." --Journal of Church and State "A major contribution to American history and to Christian ethics. It will be controversial in the best way, raising questions which are the right questions, at least right for those who care for a democracy of human rights, universal participation, and social justice." --David J. O'Brien, College of the Holy Cross
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