Squeaky: The Mouse in the House

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In this story, the author creates a narrative hook at the beginning of the first chapter. Squeaky, the hero, is confronted with the task of feeding his starving family, but he meets the antagonist, Catnip, a proud, white fur ball who has kept the house free of mice for quite a long time. His emaciated, starving family must be fed, and it is up to the courage and tenacity of Squeaky to see to it that they are fed. Thus, the story opens with Squeaky facing a terrible foe. Who will win out? That's the question that remains to be answered in this delightful narrative. This novel was dedicated to the author's four grandchildren: Kenny, 14; Reyanna, 9; Alexis, 5; and Zach, 3. It is the author's feeling that these grandchildren are the perfect target age for this, his second novel.

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