Essential Law for Social Workers

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Oktober 2003



Whether protecting their own rights or those of their clients, or navigating the juvenile justice, immigration, or welfare systems, social workers confront legal issues every day. This book explores legal concepts, legal reasoning, and legal processes -- illustrated with case vignettes from social work practice -- in order to provide social work practitioners and students with practical and accessible legal knowledge. It introduces readers to scholarship about the law and to conceptual knowledge that can be applied to any interaction with the legal system. Social workers are thereby enabled to "think like a lawyer" and increase their effectiveness. The volume features a discussion of recent reform movements, including Alternative Dispute Resolution, and an appendix of sources for legal information and research on the law.


Introduction1. Why Social Workers Study the Law: Knowledge for PracticeParticipation in the Legal SystemThe Nature of the LawLearning About the LawInductive Reasoning: From Practice Problems to Legal Principles2. Exploring Jurisprudence: Legal PhilosophyNaturalismLegal PositivismSchools of Legal Thought3. The Development of the LawJudicial, Legislative, and Administrative ProcessesComparing Criminal and Civil Law ProceduresThe Structure of the Court SystemRules and Cases: Common Law Development4. The Practice of LawThe Advocacy System and the Roles of Legal ProfessionalsIntroduction to Legal ReasoningLegal Knowledge for Social Workers5. The Litigation Process: Dissecting a Court CaseThe Stages of a Lawsuit or Criminal Trial6. Protection of Individuals and the Preservation of Social OrderConstitutional Protections and American ValuesCriminal Law and Criminal ProcedureInfluencing Legal Policy7. How Courts Make Legal Decisions About People's LivesBalancing Legal Rights and Social NeedsThe Process and Orientation of Family and Juvenile CourtsThe Process and Orientation of Probate CourtJudicial Responses to Social Problems8. Torts: How the Law Provides Compensation for Injury and Deters Unsafe PracticesElements of Negligence and Malpractice ActionsIntentional TortsBenefits to Social Work Practice9. Contracts and Other Legal Issues in the Management of Social Work PracticeBasic Principles of Contract LawContracts with Clients: Informed ConsentContracts with Managed-Care OrganizationsLegal Issues in Agency ManagementLegal Issues in the Business of a Private PracticeAppendix: Legal ResearchStatutory LawCase LawElectronic Legal ResearchReferencesCases


Robert G. Madden


"Essential Law for Social Workers" is a unique way of approaching law for social workers. By looking at the law through the lens of lawyers and the principles under which they work, Madden provides a conceptual framework for social workers to use the legal system as a tool for advocacy and social change. The book is practical, easy to read, and provides useful case examples to make the law understandable for social workers and applicable to social work values.
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