The Ethics of Education Research

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Juli 1989



A collection of papers examining ethical issues in different kinds of social research including surveys, ethnography and historical research. Contributors also deal with ethical problems involved in examining controversial issues in education.


Part 1 Ethical issues and research methods: ethics and tactics - issues arising from an educational survey, David Raffe et al; ethical issues and statistical work, Pamela Sammons; grey areas - ethical dilemmas in educational ethnography, Robert G. Burgess; exploiting the exploited? the ethics of feminist educational research, Sheila Riddell; education or indoctrination? the ethics of school based action research, Alison Kelly; ethics of case study in educational research and evaluation, Helen Simons. Part 2 Ethical issues in empirical research: ethics and the law - conducting case studies of policing, David Eridges; what is evaluation after the MSC?, Jon Nixon; ethics and politics in the study of assessment, Harry Torrance; change and adjustment in a further education college, Pauline Foster; whose side are we on? ethical dilemmas in research on "race", Bruce Carrington and Barry Troyna.
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