Guide to Nate/Ice Certification Exams

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Practice, practice, practice. That's how you'll pass your exams-and that's what this outstanding book gives you! With theGuide to the NATE/ICE Certification Exams 3e, you can feel confident that you're prepared for any of the typical exams in the industry. Armed with detailed diagrams and thousands of questions with answers, no other book on the market comes close to this depth of coverage. Plus, the Guide to the NATE/ICE Certification Exams 3e also identifies specific topics of study required for the NATE/ICE certifications.

Inside the third edition you will find:
  • An easier to use organization for both student and instructor:
    • Sections on AC and Refrigeration Systems; Heating Systems and Electrical Theory and Controls; and Airflow Systems
    • Consistent presentation in each section including : Study Section, Questions which match the study section, and an Answer Key
  • More than 2400 questions and answers so you can be assured of being thoroughly prepared
  • Extensive use of and new diagrams throughout the book to make understanding difficult concepts easier

Don't leave your success to chance. Guide to the NATE/ICE Certification Exams3e covers everything you need!


1. System Components and Tools. 2. Electrical Theory and Application. 3. Airflow Components and Duct Fabrication. 4. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Safety. 5. Commercial Refrigeration and Hydronic Heating. 6. Service and Troubleshooting.
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