Cricket Explained

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Cricket Explained offers the sports enthusiast a user-friendly introduction to baseball's British cousin, a game that shares with America's national pastime the common ancestor "rounders".This is the definitive beginner's guide to the game of cricket, written by a world authority on the sport, the co-inventor of the Coopers & Lybrand World Cricket Ratings System. Cricket Explained takes the reader from the game's fundamentals -- basic rules, terminology, equipment -- to the finer points of strategy, individual playing styles, and cricket lore.The book includes a combined glossary/index for easy reference and is illustrated throughout with the lighthearted drawings of British cartoonist Mark Stevens. So even if you don't know "short leg" from "silly mid off" or a bowler from a batsman, you'll come away from Cricket Explained with an understanding for this truly international sport which, like baseball, is loved both for its elegant simplicity and its vexing complexity.Among the topics covered in Cricket Explained's concise, user-friendly entries are: -- Cricket's history-- Making sense of the action on the field-- Batsmen and the batting order-- Fielders and fielding positions-- Fielding and batting tactics-- Scoring and statistics-- Bowling strategy-- How many players are required-- How runs are scored, outs are made, and a game is won-- Umpires and the rules-- Bowlers and their individual styles-- Different types of cricket played throughout the world

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