Technical Mathematics

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September 1995



Suitable as a one- or two-semester stand-alone mathematics text for technical students at the Community College, Proprietary School or Vo-Tech Center. The course may be found in math or technology departments.
Incoming students are often anxious to begin their studies in technology, but are not so enthused about math. This book is written with those students in mind, to mainstream them into their chosen fields quickly. Assuming only a high school background in algebra, this book provides an accessible, application-driven approach to algebra and trigonometry. In addition to a strong mathematical understanding, its many practical examples and exercises are designed to develop the solid work habits and thought processes that are essential for success in the workplace.


1. Arithmetic. 2. Scientific Notation, Engineering Notation, and Significant Digits. 3. Algebra. 4. Solving Literal Equations. 5. Units of Measure. 6. Solving Problems. 7. Geometry. 8. Linear Equations and Graphing. 9. Systems of Linear Equations. 10. Trigonometry. 11. Vectors and Phasors. 12. Complex Numbers. 13. Vector Application. 14. Logarithms. 15. Quadratic Equations. 16. Number Systems. Appendix: Solutions to End of Chapter Problems. Index.
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