The Untouchables of India

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Januar 2001



Addresses the problem of untouchability by providing an overview of the subject as well as insights into its social and religious origins. This book demonstrates that untouchability is a deeply ambiguous condition: neither inside nor outside society, reviled yet indispensable, untouchables constitute an original category of social exclusion.


The untouchables - an overview; untouchability - theories of caste; the ambiguity of untouchables; untouchable myths of origin; discrimination, disabilities and segregation; untouchable occupations; emancipation movements; B.R. Ambedkar leader of the untouchables; positive discrimination; conclusion.


Robert Deliege Professor of Social Anthropology,Universite de Louvain-la-Neuve Translated from the French by Nora Scott


Deliege's important and groundbreaking book makes gripping and tragic reading. Its grim message must not be ignored. William Dalrymple, The Sunday Times [This book] provides much little-known information and arises out of a year of direct fieldwork in a Tamilnadu village. Rev. David Haslam, Methodist Recorder This excellent book is highly recommended for those interested in South Asian studies, social stratification, and inequality. Choice All in all, therefore, this is a valuable work which raises a number of important issues, but which also serves to waymark current understandings of this complex phenomena, thus immeasurably aiding the formulation of future research. Anthropological Theory This book is valuable for both scholars of Indian society and for sociologists interested in social stratification ... the bibliography is vast and the issues are clear. Contemporary Sociology
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