School Leadership from A to Z: Practical Lessons from Successful Schools and Businesses

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Mai 2003



Robert D Ramsey blends practical business ideas, good practice, and commonsense ideas into lessons that all principals should find useful in their work' - Paul Young, 2002-2003 President, National Association of Elementary School Principals

`Once again Robert D Ramsey, like a wise mentor, cuts to the heart of leadership. Every reader who likes new ideas, appreciates fresh perspective, and seeks core truths about leadership will include this book in his or her library and recommend it to colleagues' - Don Draayer, 1990 AASA National Superintendent of the Year

This book for school officials is a hard-hitting, hands-on guide that explains what it takes to be an effective school leader in today's schools. This is accomplished by combining the best thinking from today's best schools with proven ideas taken directly from successful businesses and other public and private organizations. School Leadership from A-Z explores every aspect of school leadership from A (Attitude and Ambiguity Tolerance) to Z (Zen for School Leaders) and everything in the middle. Culled from tough business and life lessons, it is the first-ever reference handbook for educational leaders.

Each section stands alone to view provocative, insider insight into critical elements of school leadership. These newfound strategies and fresh approaches is further discussed into four special bonus sections, which alone makes the book a worthwhile read for school leaders who are success-minded.


About the Author
A. Attitude and Ambiguity Tolerance
B. Built-in Backbone
C. Coaching, Culture and Common Sense
D. Do the Next Right Thing
E. Exceeding Expectations
F. Fun and the Fish Market Philosophy
G. Goombah and the Golden Rule
H. History and Heroes
I. Inform, Instruct and Inspire
J. Jacks or Better
K. "Kick Butt and Hug"
L. Low-Maintenance Leadership
M. Metaphors and Morale
N. Networking and Nit-picking
O. Optimism or Else
P. P's and Q's
Q. Quid Pro Quo
R. Removing Obstacles
S. Straight Talk
T. Teflon Tenacity
U. U-Turns
V. Vision and Vocabulary
W. Work and Play
X. X-Ray Thinking
Y. Yin and Yang
Z. Zen for School Leaders
A Final Word
Resource 1: A New Vocabulary for School Leaders
Resource 2: What Business Leaders Say About Leadership That School Leaders Need to Hear
Resource 3: Business Books You Might Want to Read to Become a Better School Leader
Resource 4: Borrowing from Business-Bright Ideas You Can Use in Your School Starting Tomorrow Morning


Robert D. Ramsey is a lifelong educator who has served as a "leader of leaders" in three award-winning school districts in two different states. His frontline experience includes positions a teacher, counselor, assistant principal, curriculum director, assistant superintendent, acting superintendent, and adjunct professor. Most recently, he has served as associate superintendent in the St. Louis Park (MN) schools, where every school has been designated by the federal government as a National School of Excellence. Ramsey is now working full-time as a freelance writer in Minneapolis.


"This book tackles the everyday problems that we all face--and it is accomplished with style. Topics are addressed from A-Z, complete with eye-catching titles--titles that make the reader want to turn to the next chapter. Although packed with lots of information, I found myself chuckling over specific anecdotes, solutions, and straight-to-the point advice. The book is reader friendly and very applicable."
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