Acting Professionally: Raw Facts about Careers in Acting

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Everybody wants to get into the act' said the old-time comic Jimmy Durante, but the fact is that becoming a professional actor requires a lot more than just the desire to break into the business. A clear understanding of how acting careers are built and the specific way that actors must position themselves in a professional environment overseen by directors, agents, casting directors and acting unions is essential to all would-be actors. Acting Professionally will steer you through this hugely competitive industry in the U.S., offering wise advice on everything from writing a successful resume to finding yourself an agent. The leading book in its field since its first edition in 1972, Acting Professionally 7th Edition is now fully updated, with the addition of co-author James Calleri (of Calleri Casting), and a new section on digital and web-based casting procedures. With comprehensive coverage of the new technologies of internet-transmitted performance videos, website casting, and electronic submissions, Acting Professionally will help you to create and sustain an acting career in the twenty-first century.


Authors' Prefaces
The Way It Is
What you Will Need
Your First Decisions
Establishing Yourself
The Casting Room
Other Opportunities


Robert Cohen and James Calleri


'Of all the books on the subject, Acting Professionally is by far the most comprehensive and thorough.' - Daniel Yurgaitis, Director of Theatre, Northern University, USA

'It is the leading book of its kind, and certainly the best available resource for young actors who wish to begin their professional careers.' - Harold Dixon, University Distinguished Professor, University of Arizona, USA

Praise for Previous Editions:
'This is the book that every mother should stick in her son's or daughter's bag next to the chocolate chip cookies as she packs them off form Fort Wayne on their way to the wicked city - on either coast - to be an actor (or just off to college to major in the arts)...Cohen has updated his info, but maintained his devotion to the nitty gritty...his approach is eminently business like and realistic.' - Jill Charles, Regional Theatre Directory, 1990

'The most straightforward, accurate, and honest description of what the acting business is like in the United States and what it takes to break into it.' - Roger Ellis, An Audition Handbook for Student Actors, Nelson Hall Publishers, 1986

'Cohen performs a magnificent service both to aspiring actors and to the theatre by presenting the profession of acting in its myriad, unadorned aspects.' - Eric Forsythe, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

'I recently read an excellent book entitled Acting Professionally by Robert Cohen. This book will help steer you in the right direction with its pragmatic advice and realistic picture of showbiz survival.' - Thomas Mills, "Tombudsman", in Back Stage West, 1997

'Where Acting Professionally differs from other texts on the market today is that it provides the most current statistics and information covering every aspect of the profession, coupled with the author's invaluably honest description of the business.' - Lori Talley, Back Stage West, 2001
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