Tools for Transforming Trauma

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Tools for Transforming Trauma provides clinicians with an integrative framework that covers a wide range of therapeutic modalities and a "black bag" full of therapeutic tools for healing trauma patients.


Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Understanding How Trauma Leads to PTSD The Qualities of the Traumatic Experience Post-Traumatic Cognitive Processing and Affect Dysregulation The Recovery Environment Individual Characteristics Appraisal and Meaning Spirituality Classical Conditioning Respondent Conditioning Biology and Energy The Amplification Circuit Adaptive Resolutions Maladaptive Resolutions Basic Approaches to Treatment: The Consensus View 2. A Neo-Ericksonian Framework for Treating Trauma Resource-Based Therapy Orientation Solution and Mastery Orientations as Resources Well-Formed Outcomes The Relationship Between Solutions and Problems Building Maps to the Future A State of Consciousness Model of Trance and Trauma Solution-Oriented Therapy and a SoC Model Principles of Hypnotically Based Therapy The Utilization Principle Dissociation and its Utilization The Narrative Approach Framing, Defining, and Reframing Experience Opportunities are Everywhere, You Just Have to Notice Them A Therapy of Action and Interaction in the Real World A General Pattern for Treating Trauma 3. The Tools Framework The TOTE Model Consistently Achieved Goals Require the Use of Different Operations Interventions as Assessment and Feedback Interventions and Assessments as Agents of Change Translating DSM Diagnoses into Action Plans for Change An Algorithm for Translating DSM Diagnoses into Action Plans The Interaction Between Therapist Skill Base and Personal Response From Tools to Art 4. Tools for Safety, Ego Support, and Ego Growth Affect Modulation Creating and Strengthening Boundaries End State Retraining 5. Tools for Transforming Traumatic Memory PTSD as a Disorder of Memory Memory and Healing Tools for Processing Memory in Phase Two of Treatment Memory Retrieval Approaches for Traumatic Memories Memory Distortion, Magnification and Minimization: Clinical and Political Issues Summary 6. The Use of Thought Field Therapy in Treating Trauma Embrace the Paradigm Shift (Weirdness) A Brief History of TFT and Energy Therapy Mechanism of Therapeutic Action TFT: A Noncathartic/Non Retraumatizing Method When Treatment Does Not Work Integrating Energy Treatment Within a Broader Therapy Context How to Introduce TFT to Patients When You Are Still Learning Conclusions 7. Tools for the Holistic Self Own and Value Parts of the Self That Used to Be Disowned and De-valued Feelings and Experiences Actions and Stories Memory and Awareness and the Therapy of "That What Is" Be Connected to the Resources that Exist Internally and Externally Finding the Current Problem That Is Represented in the Return of the Past: Taking Healthy Action Solution-Oriented Questioning to Link Resources Indentify Social Pressures and Modulate Their Influence on the Person so that the Person Can Choose How to Live Summary 8. If You Meet the "Tool" on the Road, Leave It! - Person-of-the-Therapist Issues Therapist as Witness When the Therapy Goes Off Course Acknowledging Powerlessness (Or, A Person's Got to Know His Limitations) When Therapists Cannot Manage Their Own Affect The Survivor-Therapist Three Tools for Working with the Therapist-Patient Relationship Summary Integration and Summary: Beyond Tools and Trauma Epilogue: Tools for Transforming Terrorism References Index Other Resources


Robert A. Schwarz, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist, clinical member of AAMFT, and an approved consultant in hypnosis. He has organized eight national conferences on treating trauma, four regional conferences on Ericksonian hypnosis, and two international conferences on brief therapy. He is co-author of Posttraumic Stress Disorder: A Clinician's Guide. He has been practicing psychotherapy and supervision in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years.


'True to its title, this highly useful book offers an abundance of interesting and practical interventions for psychotherapists seeking to provide relief from PTSD symptoms and empower trauma survivors to live healthier, more rewarding, and productive lives. Also included are a series of fresh and innovative ideas for enhancing care givers' continued personal and professional growth, self-development and self-care.' - Yvonne Dolan, MA, Author of Resolving Sexual Abuse, A Path with Heart and One Small Step
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