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Oktober 2002



Provides new insight into the development of black nationalism by examining the intersection of African-American and West Indian nationalist literatures.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Founding Black Capital: Money, Power, Culture, and Revolution in Martin Delany's Blake: or the Huts of America; Of What Use Is History?: Blood, Race, Nation and Ethnicity in Pauline Hopkins' New Woman; From Larva to Chrysalis: Multicultural Consciousness and Anti-Colonial Revolution in R.A.C. Boissiere's Crown Jewel; The New Man in the Jungle: Chaos, Community, and the Margins of the Nation-State; The Masculinization of Mothering: The Oakland Black Panthers and the Black Body Politic; A Politics of Change: Sistren, Subalternity, and the Social Pact in the War for Democratic Socialism; Geopolitics/Geoculture: Denationalization in the New World Order; Endnotes; Bibliography


Robert Carr is Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. He is a management consultant to a number of government and nongovernmental organizations specializing in culture-specific Caribbean responses to HIV/AIDS. He has a doctoral degree in English and has translated, along with Ileana Rodriguez, her book "House/Garden/Nation: Space, Gender, and Ethnicity in Postcolonial Latin American Literatures by Women," published by Duke University Press.


"[T]he central value of Carr's text remains precisely in what is implied in his subtitle: that by 'reading African American and West Indian experiences' together, we are listening to a dialogue among a new generation of Caribbean and African-descended intellectuals, who form part of a larger formation of New World black intellectuals."--Michelle Stephens, Modern Fiction Studies "[A] conceptually imaginative and excellent new work."--Jane Mattox, Mississippi Quarterly "[R]eading these texts against one another within the context of a linear historical analysis of political and cultural struggles among African-Americans and West Indians does provide a clear sense of the simultaneous processes of change and continuity within nationalist narratives. Moreover, [Carr's] suggestion that these texts most obviously reveal the limitations of struggling for state representation is provocative."--Deborah A. Thomas, Identities "Carr's wide range of references, attention to historical and literary detail and palpable political commitment raises standards for the field as a whole. One of his greatest strengths is the sustained engagement with non-canonical writer and texts."--Yogita Goyal, Wasafiri Reviewed in Choice. Listed in CHE and boundary 2.
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