Engineer's Procurement Manual for Major Plant Equipment: A Guide to Principles and Procedures for Planning, Specif., Bidding, Evaluat., Contract Awar

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This book deals with the preparation of bidding and contracting documents, and managing a competitive bidding process leading to anaward of contract for the procurement of major (larger and morecomplex) plant equipment and plant systems in the mechanical, electrical, process and mining engineering fields.


PART 1: PRINCIPLES OF PROCUREMENT FORMATION. Elements of Procurement Contracts. Overview of Procurement by Competitive Bidding. The Key Documents. PART 2: PROCEDURES FOR PROCUREMENT FORMATION. Strategic Planning Procedures. Compiling the Contract Conditions for Procurements. Developing the Commercial Terms Relating to Procurements. Preparing the Technical Specification. Drafting the Requirements for Bidding. Managing the Bidding Period. Receiving and Opening Bids. Preparing the Bid Evaluation and Drafting the Bid Recommendation Report. Finalizing the Contract Documents and Placing the Contract. PART 3: THE ROLE OF THE SECURITIES IN THE PROCUREMENT. Bid and Contract Securities. PART 4: SPECIFICATION WRITING AND PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES. Specification Style and Document Form. PART 5: DOCUMENTS FOR A SAMPLE PROCUREMENT. Introduction to the Sample Procurement. A Series of Completed Documents for the Sample Procurement. Appendix A: Locator Guide for Key Subject Matter in Bidding and Contract Documents. Appendix B: SI Units and Conversions. Appendix C: Trade Terms. Appendix D: Common Abbreviations and Unit Symbols Used In Technical Documents.


Robert C. Lesser is a Consulting Engineer who retired from full-time engineering in 1989. This book is the result of over thirty-five years of experience gained in various key engineering positions, mainly with international engineering, process, manufacturing, and mining companies. He had contract administration responsibilities covering a wide range of major engineering projects, as well as feasibility and cost studies, and proposal preparation. He also held senior supervisory positions for the design, construction, commissioning, start-up and operation of thermal power, petroleum, petrochemical, mineral processing, and mining complexes.
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