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Covers events and topics, such as outsourcing, inflation targeting, the impact of trade agreements, the cost of adhering to the Kyoto protocols, induced demand in pharmaceuticals, myths surrounding affirmative action, the impact of gasoline prices on ethanol and corn demand, Apple's troubles with the EU, and poverty in the US.


Chapter 1: Economics: The Study of Opportunity Cost 1A Graphing: Yes, You Can Chapter 2: Supply and Demand Chapter 3: The Concept of Elasticity and Consumer and Producer Surplus Chapter 4: Firm Production, Cost, and Revenue Chapter 5: Perfect Competition, Monopoly, and Economic versus Normal Profit Chapter 6: Every Macroeconomic Word You Ever Heard: Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, Unemployment, Recession, and Depression Chapter 7: Interest Rates and Present Value Chapter 8: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Chapter 9: Federal Spending Chapter 10: Federal Deficits, Surpluses, and the National Debt Chapter 11: Fiscal Policy Chapter 12: Monetary Policy Chapter 13: International Trade: Does It Jeopardize American Jobs? Chapter 14: The International Monetary Fund: Doctor or Witch Doctor? Chapter 15: NAFTA, GATT, WTO: Are Trade Agreements Good for Us? Chapter 16: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, and Prostitution Chapter 17: The Environment Chapter 18: Health Care Chapter 19: Government Provided Health Insurance: Medicaid, Medicare, and the Child Health Insurance Program Chapter 20: The Economics of Prescription Drugs Chapter 21: Economics and the Law Chapter 22: The Economics of Crime Chapter 23: Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action Chapter 24: Farm Policy Chapter 25: Minimum Wage Chapter 26: Rent Control Chapter 27: Ticket Brokers and Ticket Scalping Chapter 28: Antitrust Chapter 29: Why Did This Textbook Cost so Much? Chapter 30: Education Chapter 31: Poverty and Welfare Chapter 32: Social Security Chapter 33: Head Start Chapter 34: Personal Income Taxes Chapter 35: Energy Prices Chapter 36: If We Build It, Will They Come? And Other Sports Questions Chapter 37: The Stock Market and Crashes Chapter 38: Unions Chapter 39: The Cost of War and Occupation Chapter 40: The Economics of Terrorism Chapter 41: Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices (and Low Wages)...Always Chapter 42: The Economic Impact of Casino Gambling Chapter 43: Economic Growth and Development Chapter 44: The Housing Bubble (Bonus Web Chapter)
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