God's Assassins - The Ark of Hathor

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November 2011



For 4500 years the original medicine chest known to the ancient Egyptians as the healing Ark of Hathor had been preserved and admired by all those that came upon it.

Few however could decipher the arks secrets or understand the significance of the profound knowledge that for so long had remained locked within the arks gold relief's knowledge of healing as old as civilisation itself.
But now some do understand some like the Gods Assassins who vow to retrieve the lost knowledge and give it freely until every mind body and soul is truly free of disease.

But first they will have to find the ark then steal it, fight for it and even kill for it for the arks new retainers will not give it up lightly. For they are the Order of Sekhmet a rogue order of freemasons who will if allowed continue to deny the world the same knowledge that it now perceptually cries out for.

And amidst all this revolution come evolution is the young journalist Robert Randall, plucked from obscurity to witness the coming events. Why he was chosen is at first a mystery but soon he realises that his fate like the rest of humanity is very much in the hands of the Gods Assassins.
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