Somebody Someday

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Oktober 2002



Paperback edition of last year's phenomenal, bestselling autobiography, which delves even deeper into the Robbie phenomenon, and has been updated to include new photographs. "It's about reflections on love, life and the universe. It's sophisticated stuff. David Beckham tried to do it with "My World", but while his book looked pretty it had nothing to say. You'll find plenty to chew on here." "The Mirror". *STOP PRESS* 10,000 new words of text have also been added, covering Christmas 2001 and Robbie's Summer in LA* 65 illus.


Robbie Williams was born in Newcastle upon Lyme in 1974. He joined Take That in 1991 and before he left, the band had had 8 number 1 singles. He has won more Brits than any other artist ever. Mark McCrum has written three travel books and is the author of the bestselling Castaway.


"The rock book of the year" The Sun 20020911 "And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how a celebrity biography ought to be" -- Joanna Hunter Saturday Times 20021008 "Like the man himself - a good-looking, sexy, funny book" Heat 20020911 "Intimate and unsanitised, the most honest portrait of this self-professed ego to date" Glamour 20020911 "It's fascinatingly candid" Now 20020911
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