Procedure at International Conferences: A Study of the Rules of Procedure at the UN and at Inter-Governmental Conferences

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This new edition is a manual of the rules of procedure for the conduct of business at the UN General Assembly, at international conferences and at assemblies of inter-governmental organisations. It examines the legal basis of these rules, the history of their development and the attempts at their codification, as well as the practical applications of rules of procedure. Sabel considers whether certain procedural rules and applications have become so well established that they have now attained the status of customary international law.


Preface to the second edition; Abbreviations and conference references; Introduction; 1. Historical development of rules of procedure of conferences and attempts to establish model rules; 2. Adoption of rules of procedure; 3. Rules of procedure and international law; 4. Invitations, participation and credentials; 5. Presiding officer and other officers of the conference; 6. Meetings; 7. Statements by delegations; 8. Submission of proposals; 9. Adjournment and closure of debate; 10. Amendments; 11. Withdrawal and reconsideration of motions and proposals; 12. Procedural motions and points of order; 14. Decision taking and method of voting; 15. Majority required; 16. Consensus; 17. Separate votes; 18. Conduct of voting: interruption of voting and correction of vote; 19. Languages records and documents; 20. Committees; 21. Suspension and amendment of rules of procedure; Bibliography.


Robbie Sabel is the former Legal Adviser and Deputy Director General of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is a Visiting Professor of International Law at the Hebrew University Jerusalem and at Tel-Aviv University.


From reviews of the first edition: 'Overall, the book is a very useful compilation of precedents and may even be an indispensable reference work for diplomats and others following the inner workings of international conferences.' Philip Alston, The American Journal of International Law 'The work as a whole is reliable and clear and Ambassador Sabel has performed a valuable service to the international community in writing it.' Maurice Mendelson, European Journal of International Law 'Dr Sabel has performed a most remarkable service to the doctrine and practice of international law alike. His book is in fact a handbook of the rules of procedure applicable to international conferences which participants at such conferences will, in the future, ignore at their peril. It may safely be predicted that it will, in due course, become, for representatives at international conferences, the standard companion manual to the rules of procedure themselves and will guide representatives in their conduct of procedural business.' Yehuda Z. Blum, Israel Law Review
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