Two Hundred Fifty-Six Zones of Gray

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Februar 2008



Poetry. Rob Smith's TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX ZONES OF GRAY meanders through life's path, arcing up and reminiscing down with great detail to the presence of nature, memory, relationships, and spirituality. This collection is a meditation that warms and transfixes the sixth sense. Smith's words give hope, "a lighted window on the edge of color"-Laura Bentley. "Inspired by nature in his thoughtful and plain-spoken poems, Rob Smith reminisces and reflects on life, death, and the passage of time"-Laura Bentley. Rob Smith won the Robert Frost Poetry Award for his poem "Catbird" and subsequently published his first collection of poetry, Night Voices. He writes novels, short stories, literary criticism, and nonfiction, and is editor and publisher of Drinian Press in Ohio.

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