Russell the Sheep

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Juli 2005



A quirky bedtime story, introducing endearing insomniac, Russell the Sheep.


Rob Scotton studied at Leicester Polytechnic. He lives in Rutland with his wife, Liz, who is also an artist. Rob only had to look out of his studio window to find the inspiration for Russell. The rolling countryside surrounding his home is brimming with sheep, other wildlife, sheep, rural beauty and more sheep! Russell the Sheep is Rob's first picture book.


'Russell the Sheep is completely engaging and bound to become a star of the future.' The Bookseller 'This is the delicious tale of a sheep who can't sleep.' Daily Express 'Charming tale.' Grove 'This quirky bedtime story...will amuse and appeal to the very young.' Family Interest Magazine 'Gorgeous, gently coloured illustrations...A perfect bedtime story.' Eastern Daily Press
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