Safety of War

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November 2000



Fiction. In this first book by musician-turned-novelist Rob Benvie, Lolita meets Maldoror meets 50s pulp horror comics. The novel follows David, an underworked copy writer addicted to old war movies whose life is upended when he finds himself at the mysterious Chaos Farm, face to face with a bloodthirsty creature inadvertently raised by a paranormal experiment gone awry. SAFETY OF WAR is a hellride of exploded symbolism and beery misadventures, murders and tragedies, laughs, puzzles and meditations on valour and sacrifice in a world short on true heroes.


Rob Benvie was born in Halifax. His years since have been mainly misspent touring and recording with various rock bands (including Thrush Hermit), resulting in debatable commercial and artistic successes. He currently resides in Toronto, where he avoids day jobs by writing, studying and recording weird music for TV and movies.

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