Covering Government: A Civics Handbook for Journalists

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Covering Government: A Civics Handbook for Journalists is the only single source of quick and concise information on the workings of American government at all levels. Spurred by recent, highly charged political events such as the contested Presidential election, Armstrong, a 25-year CBS News radio and television correspondent, has compiled the information journalists need to understand and report the stories that are breaking all around them. Covering Government is, above all, an invaluable tool -- portable, user-friendly, and with enough text to cover each subject without becoming a scholarly tome. Through annotated listings, comparative tables, and explanatory text, the author employs an array of methods to present the key information on governmental processes at federal, state, and local levels. Ideal for working newspeople in all media, Covering Government also serves as a secondary text and resource for students in journalism and political science.


The federal government - legislative, judicial, executive branches; statutory versus regulatory law; amending the Constitution. II. State governments - governors; state legislatures; state courts. III. Local governments - mayors and city managers; city councils; county commissions; school boards; law enforcement and courts; other local authorities. IV. Other civics issues affecting journalists - reporter shield laws; freedom of information acts; wiretapping; cameras in courts; electronic coverage of state legislatures
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