The Word "Desire"

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April 2005



Twelve startlingly original stories about erotic desire. Each story focuses on a pivotal erotic moment in the lives of men and women who narrate them. Only a few are overtly sexual in content, but each explores the many strange reverberations that occur when desire is present, whether acted upon or kept inside.


"She's a magic sensualist, a writer's writer, a master of language--a unique voice."--Amy Tan "These stories are like fine petit point or old grosgrain ribbon. Their beauty is in their detail and infinitesimal surprises. Exotic and desire are here intwined."--Carolyn See," The Washington Post Book World "A body of work lush with enchantments. The Word "Desire," like the wonderful cabinets Ducornet often writes about, has many compartments, and quite a few of them contain unadulterated treasures."--"The Village Voice Literary Supplement "Beyond language and the kindling of desire, there is another reason to read Ducornet: wisdom."--Susan Salter Reynolds, "Los Angeles Times Discerning readers and reviewers greeted the publication of The Word "Desire" as a cause for celebration. Now in paperback, an ever wider audience can discover why Rikki Ducornet has been called "linguistically explosive . . . one of the most interesting American writers around" --"The Nation
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