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A distinguished group of art historians reflect on the work of Michael Baxandall, in terms of its importance for their own formation, its location in the development of a new art history, and its influence on the broader languages and theories of contemporary cultural theory.


1. Patterns in the Shadows: Attention in/to the Writings of Michael Baxandall: Michael Anne Holly (University of Rochester). 2. Aspects of the Critical Reception and Intellectual History of Baxandalla s Concept of the Period Eye: Alland Langdale (University of British Columbia). 3. Limewood, Chiromancy and Narratives of Making. Writing about the Materials and Processes of Sculpture: Malcolm Baker (Victoria and Albert Museum). 4. Michael Baxandall and the Shadows in Platoa s Cave: Alex Potts (University of Reading). 5. Last Words (Rilke, Wittgenstein)(Duchamp): Molly Nesbit (Vassar University). 6. Women under the Gaze, a Renaissance Genealogy: Paolo Berdini (Stanford University). 7. A Baxandall Bibliography: Allan Langdale (University of California at Santa Barbara).


Adrian Rifkin is Professor of Fine Art at the University of Leeds.
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