The Solution

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Oktober 2014



Brad survived the raid on his home weeks ago, but now is trapped with a strange little girl. Dr. Vinheiser has not been himself for too long, and now his time is running out. An unnatural evil taunts and twists everything to fuel its work, to fulfill its purpose. A cruel and voracious leader seeks a prize of great power, but remains cautious. Something here is wrong.Phase 5 Elements:In 104 - Invasion; Fk 111 - Forbidden knowledge; Dr 89 - Dimensional riftClassification: HorrorAppropriate for Teens and Adults: Non-graphic Violence and Death, Evil object, Addiction, Unromantic vampires


Rick McQuiston is a resident of Warren, Michigan where he enjoys playing drums, horror movies, football, and spending time with family. He is currently employed at Titan Management. He has over 300 other publications.
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