Discovering English Grammar

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Understanding the structure of language is the key to better communication, but for many people, the boring basics of grammar seem tedious and unbearable. But in Veit's unique fashion of introducing grammar as a process of discovery, the author takes his readers on an inductive search for the structure of language. Taking a transformational approach to grammar, this book provides broad, thorough coverage of English grammatical structures. offering a current, enjoyable approach to language learning and communication. By minimizing technical terms, Veit invites those with no prior training in syntax to explore the whole range of English constructions, from simpler to more complex topics, allowing readers to inductively OdiscoverO the structure of the English language for themselves. Second-language learners, linguists, English and ESL educators.


To the Instructor. 1.Introduction. Conscious and Unconscious Knowledge. How Does the Grammar Work? This Book's Purpose. Why Study Grammar? Summary. 2.Describing a Sentence. Discovering the Parts of Sentences. Labeled Brackets and Boxes. Reed-Kellog Diagrams. Tree Diagrams. An Elementary Grammar of English. 3.Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives. Proper and Common Nouns. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs. Simplifying the Phrase-Structure Rules. Adjectives. A Further Note on Meaning. Linking Verbs. The Parts of Speech. 4.Prepositions and Personal Pronouns. Prepositions. Personal Pronouns. A Further Word on Inflections. Varieties of English. 5.Coordinate Phrases and Complement Clauses. Coordination. Complement Clauses. Classification of Clauses. 6.Determiners, Adverbs, and Other Modifiers. Determiners. Adverbials. Degree Modifiers. Nominal Modifiers. Summary and Review: Chapters 1-6. 7.Transformational Rules: Altering Elements in a Sentence. Particles. Optional and Obligatory Rules. Our Goals - A Review and Update. 8.Three More Transformational Rules. Moving Adverbial Phrases. Imperative Sentences. Indirect Objects. Must Transformations Apply in a Particular Order? 9.Pronouns: Another Analysis. A Personal-Pronoun Transformation. Deriving Possessive Pronouns. Reflexive Pronouns. English Pronouns - An Inventory. Conditions for Applying the Personal-Pronoun Transformation. An Order for Applying Transformations - An Update. 10.More Embedded Sentences: Adverbial Clauses and Relative Clauses. Adverbial Clauses. Relative Clauses. 11.Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses and Phrases. Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses. Accounting for Nonrestrictive Clauses. Apposition. Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Adjectival Phrases. Summary and Review: Chapters 7-11. 12.Verb Inflections. Present and Past Tenses. Modal Auxiliaries. Perfect and Progressive Auxiliaries. 13.Negatives and Questions. Negative Sentences. Questions. 14.The Passive Voice. Active and Passive Voice. Deriving Passive Sentences. Summary and Review: Chapters 12-14. 15.Infinitives. Infinitive Verb Forms. Complement Infinitives. The Auxiliary Category in Infinitive Phrases. Adverbial Infinitives. Relative Infinitives. Extraposed Infinitives. Summary of Principal Infinitive Patterns. A Note on Usage: Split Infinitives. 16.Gerunds, Participles, and Absolutes. Gerunds. Participles. Absolutes. 17.Abbreviating Sentences: Ellipsis and Pro-Forms. Ellipsis. Pro-Forms. Retrospective. 18.A Taste of Theoretical Syntax. Some Claims of Syntactic Theory. 19.Grammar in the Schools. A Brief History of Grammar Instruction. Teaching Grammar Is Not Teaching Reading and Writing. Studying Grammar Is Valuable and Important. Methods of Teaching Grammar. Index.
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