The Painted Tomb-chapel of Nebamun

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März 2008



Exciting new discoveries shed light on one of the British Museum's greatest treasures, the magnificent ancient Egyptian wall-paintings from the lost tomb chapel of Nebamun.


Preface; 1 A Modern View of Ancient Paintings; Introduction; Discovery; The paintings in the British Museum; 2 In a Tomb Chapel; Theban tomb-chapels; Where and when at Thebes?; Nebamun at Thebes; Ancient techniques and modern analysis; 3 The Paintings; Introduction; Funerary offerings; The banquet; Viewing the produce of the estates; Agricultural scenes; Offering bringers; Fishing and fowling in the marshes; The garden of the west; Revisiting the tomb-chapel; List of Figures; Notes and References.


Dr Richard Parkinson is a curator of Egyptian antiquities in the British Museum.


The book not only illustrates the paintings as never seen before, it puts them into context for their content and style.'--Peter A. Clayton"Minerva" (01/01/0001)
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Untertitel: Masterpieces of Ancient Egyptian Art in the British Museum. 150 illustrations, 120 in colour. Sprache: Englisch.
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