Circus of Words

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Language skills will fly through the air with the greatest of ease as kids join in The Circus of Words. Children of all ages are delighted by anagrams, palindromes, acrostics, alliteration, riddles, and puns, yet few books on wordplay are addressed to middle-schoolers. This creative and challenging activity book shows kids how to juggle letters to become ringmasters of wordplay. "The Shrinking Spotlight" shows how larger words become smaller words when certain letters are removed. "Clown Cars" introduces the idea of words hiding within words, and "The Acro Bat" and "Silver Spoonerisms" show off letter clusters that change from one word to another. The whole bandwagon is here, enabling kids, who are natural language enthusiasts, to cavort through that endless entertainment, the English language.


Richard Lederer is one of the most distinguished letterers in the country. The author of many books on wordplay, including "Anguished English, Get Thee to a Punnery," and "Pun and Games." Dave Morice is a writer and illustrator whose books include "Poetry Comics" and "Alphabet Avenue." He is a longtime columnist for "Word Ways" magazine.
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