Confident Flying: A Pilot Upgrade

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April 2001



Written for pilots of all skill levels and interest, this book explores common misconceptions regarding piloting risks and shows what the actual risks are and why. Reflective insight is the basis for this book's program for risk management, sound decision-making, and judgment. With the bringing together of varied experiences and different perspectives, pilots can examine the risks in each phase of flight: preflight, takeoff, en-route portions of VFR and IFR flight, approach and arrival, and landings. Particular high-risk areas are evaluated as well, including night flight, aerobatics, midair collision risks, special weather considerations, and human factors.


Richard L. Collins is editor-at-large for "Flying" magazine and is the author of "Flying IFR" and "Tips to Fly By." He lives in Ijamsville, Maryland. Patrick E. Bradley is an attorney with the Department of Justice, Aviation Section. He lives in Skillman, New Jersey.
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